Procmail Documentation Project


What is procmail documentation project?

First, Procmail is a mail processing utility, which can help to filter email. It can sort incoming mail according to sender, Subject line, length of message, keywords in the message, etc. It can be used to implement an ftp-by-email server (superceded by HTTP nowadays) and much more. Procmail is also a complete drop-in replacement for MDA (if this doesn't mean anything to you, you may not want to know). Procmail runs under Unix-like platform, including Cygwin. See Infinite Ink's Mail Filtering and Robots page for information about related utilities for various other platforms.

Procmail documentation project is a collection of procmail documentation ttips that provide information about how to use Procmail effectively to hand daily mail.

See also other related procmail projects, like Procmail module library project at Freecode.


There is no mailing list for the project. Please send mail to the maintainer as needed. Include project's name in the subject or message may be classified as spam. You can also join the procmail mailing list for more in dept Procmail recipe help.

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